Founded and Operated by:


John R. Pepper, BSME, MSBME, P.E.


‘One of the World's 20 Top Trauma Innovators’,

Orthopedic Intellectual Property Report as compiled by Medicine Lodge Inc. in 2001


 TriGen IM Nail System Lead Engineer







John brings solid mechanical engineering together with great biomedical and surgical experience to generate new orthopaedic and medical devices. He worked in the OR for two years as a graduate student, performing over fifty experimental surgeries, and much cadaver work. He has worked at Smith-Nephew and Surgical Dynamics Division of US Surgical. His unique experience and creative streak have generated numerous patents that have done well in the market place. You can view his Curriculum Vita.


Products and systems designed

TriGen IM Nail System, Smith-Nephew

Lumbar Allograft, Surgical Dynamics

TriMax Modular IM Nail, Smith-Nephew



5,489,284        Cannulated Modular Nail

5,549,610        Implant design for simultaneous treatment of femoral neck and shaft fracture

5,569,249        Cannulated Modular Intramedullary Nail

5,855,579        Cannulated Modular Intramedullary Nail

5,609,596        Guide Rod Manipulator

5,806,692        Apparatus for Storage and Display of Personal Communication Devices

5,951,561        Minimally Invasive Intramedullary Nail Insertion Instruments and Method

5,989,255        Orthopedic Bone Screw Apparatus

6,010,506        Intramedullary Nail Hybrid Bow

6,183,477        Attachment Tool for Drill Guide

Allowed           Optimized Stiffness of Implants for Fracture Healing/ Bony Fusion*

Applied            Sagittal Fitted Vertebral Spacer

Applied            Self Locking Orthopaedic Screw

Applied            Vertebral Fusion Device

In Process        Bone Reamer

In Process        Hip Revision Device and Method

In Process        Image Guided Surgery Device and Method


Other innovative features of TriGen that are non-patented include:

Universal Nail Removal Tool

Non Ringing ‘Pac-Man’ Hammer

Stepped Implant Nose for Crossing Fragments

Elimination of Chuck Keys and Wrenches using universal Snap Connectors

Power/Hand Driver Screwdrivers



The rapid rate of fusion seen in long bone fracture will eventually be obtained in spinal fusion surgery with proper implants.

Radiation free trauma surgery will become the norm as tools improve.


TriGen is a registered trademark of Smith-Nephew